Dyson — Home Office Bundle

The brief

To support the well-being and productivity of employees, companies invest millions in environmental control — particularly in meeting air and light quality standards. However, most home workers don’t think about this.

Poor light quality

Desk work is visually intensive and low light, glare or flicker can cause eye strain. What’s more, light at odds with daylight can disrupt our body clocks, impacting the way we feel and function.

Poor air quality

Air pollution has many potential risks and indoor air can be up to 5x more polluted than the air outside. Harmful pollutants and gases can be released by everyday objects from cleaning products to gas cookers.

The solution

I was tasked with designing a bundle landing page for affluent tech professionals, young families, health conscious city dwellers and premium Dyson technology owners which would be hosted on Dyson’s array of digital platforms. The scope also included the journey users take to purchase a home office bundle direct from Dyson e.g, bundle landing page entry points.

The bundle consisted of Dyson personal air purification and task lighting which is engineered to support well-being and productivity while working at home:

Dyson Lightcycle™ task light

Dyson task lighting is calibrated to help reduce eye strain and improve visual performance. Powerful, high-quality light is delivered with glare protection and low optical flicker at less than 1%. It’s engineered to intelligently adjust for your age and background light. Study mode adjusts colour temperature with your local daylight to support your body clock.

Dyson Pure Cool Me™ personal purifying fan

Designed to cool you while capturing harmful pollutants with a combined filter. HEPA filters remove 99.95% of ultra-fine particles from the air, including potentially harmful household fumes. Compact and portable, they fit on desktops to deliver precise and personal airflow with Dyson Core Flow™ technology.

User journey

Fig 1— the journey users take to purchase a home office bundle

Please note: users are also signposted to the home office bundle landing page via a task light (desk or floor) PDP page.

Hi-fidelity design: PDP

Fig 2 — desktop PDP (BP01)

Component breakdown: PDP

Fig 3.1 — mobile PDP: blue promo banner

Added blue banner to highlight the offer to users browsing the PDP pages of each machine. Inline CTA signposts to the home office bundle landing page.

Fig 3.2 — mobile PDP: home office bundle promo module

This promotional module is designed to be shown on PDP pages to highlight the offer to consumers and signpost to the home office bundle landing page.

Fig 3.3 —mobile PDP: trade up cards promo copy

Blue promo copy within the trade up card highlights the bundle opportunity. This text also helps the user to understand that they will have the option to add the additional machine at the next step (soft bundling) if they would like to make their purchase into a home office bundle.

Hi-fidelity design: home office bundle landing

Fig 4— desktop home office bundle landing

Component breakdown: home office bundle landing

Fig 5.1 — mobile home office bundle landing: hero module

The hero module is designed to highlight the benefits of the home office bundle: the headline highlights the saving, a sticker shows exclusivity to Dyson direct and the lifestyle imagery and the video gives context to how the machines are engineered for the home office.

Fig 5.2 — mobile home office bundle landing: reasons to buy

Reasons to buy are featured below the hero module to reinforce the benefits of buying direct from Dyson.

Fig 5.3 — mobile home office bundle landing: what’s included

The “What’s included” module gives more information about what the bundle is. It also highlights the features of the machine and the points that make it perfect for home working.

Fig 5.4 — mobile home office bundle landing: work smarter

This module uses lifestyle imagery and copy to highlight the personal benefits of each machine for home working. Copy is optimised for SEO.

Fig 5.5 —mobile home office bundle landing: two machines, one home office bundle

This module re-iterates what the bundle is to consumers and also shows they can pick the colours of the machines to suit their space. It’s designed to lead onto the product cards.

Fig 5.6 — mobile home office bundle landing: trade up cards promo copy

Because of the way soft bundling works within AEM, building a bundle is a two step process. This module is designed to guide the user through this journey. Firstly, they must choose the purifier they would like then add the task light in the next stage.

This promo copy will show everywhere the product card appears on the site. It is therefore designed to make the user aware that they can add another machine in the next stage of their checkout journey to save on a home office bundle.

CRM email campaign

Tech-focused and city (work from home) professionals were also targeted via email with a core message to deliver: Dyson air purifiers and lighting products are engineered to support well-being and productivity while home working.

Fig 6 — CRM home office bundle email campaign

The result

Awaiting on performance results from the Dyson insights team.



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