Dyson — Multi-buy

The brief

  1. Existing Dyson owners and potential Dyson owners are considering purchases more intently and need further incentive to invest.
  2. Excess stock of older machines, taking up space in warehouse facilities. For example, Dyson V7™ and V8™ cordless stick vacuums.
  3. COVID-19 has meant digital purchase is more important than ever for consumers who cannot get to the shops. Shoppers may not buy direct from Dyson over other online retailers who are operating and delivering at this time.

The solution

Create bundle offerings that group machines together in one package. This gives consumers increased value for their money and incentive to invest in more than one machine, at a discounted rate. Bundles can be themed to solve a particular problem or enhance an area of the home.

Multi-buy bundles

A multi-buy bundle can be created by grouping together two machines into one offering. Markets with surplus and older stock can create bundles to encourage purchase and free up warehouse space.

A bundle can be themed to help solve a household problem, or to align with a certain room in the house. The name of the bundle creates a proposition to the user, helping them to understand the benefit of purchasing the machines together. It’s an opportunity to elevate the bundle as an aspirational offering in itself, that the machines have been chosen together for a reason.

Existing bundles

The following bundles were previously live (all platforms):

  1. Home office (Dyson Pure Cool Me™ personal purifying fan + Dyson Lightcycle™ task light).
  2. Healthier home (Dyson Pure Cool Me™ personal purifying fan + Dyson V11™ Absolute cordless vacuum).
  3. Kitchen (Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ purifying fan heater + Dyson V7™ cordless vacuum).

New bundles

Markets can create their own bundles from the stock they have available. Design is required for each new bundle. The home office bundle design can be used as a template.

To create a new bundle, markets must:

  • decide bundle offering, how it will be added to basket and discount
  • brief new creative work into Group
  • ensure back-end functionality and fulfilment change needed for soft
    bundling is completed before launch

User journey

If multiple bundles exists per market:
User navigates to all bundles landing page or themed bundle landing page and adds one product followed by another. The second product may be optionally added as part of the soft bundling interim page, before navigating to basket.

Fig 1— signposting to all bundles landing + themed bundle landing

If a single bundles exists per market:
User navigates to themed bundle landing page e.g. home office bundle and adds one machine followed by another. The user has the option to add the second machine in the soft bundle interim page to complete the bundle, before navigating to basket.

Hi-fidelity design: PDP

Fig 2 — desktop PDP (BP01)

Component breakdown: PDP

Fig 3.1 — mobile PDP: blue promo banner

If multiple bundles feature one machine (like the Pure Cool Me™ personal purifying fan) link to an all bundle landing page with specific messaging, “Save up to £299 on exclusive bundles featuring the Dyson Pure Cool Me™ purifying fan. Limited time only.”

Fig 3.2 — mobile PDP: multiple bundles module

Multiple bundles module Bundle cards at this level are tailored to only show bundles with machines included with that specific model e.g. “Dyson Pure Cool Me™ personal purifying fan”

Fig 3.3 — mobile PDP: instructional copy

Copy is added above the product cards highlighting each individual bundle opportunity. The aim is make users aware they may have the option to upgrade their purchase to a bundle in the next stage. If multiple bundles are available, instruct the user on how to create that bundle.

Hi-fidelity design: all bundles landing

Fig 4— all bundles landing

The result

Awaiting performance results from the Dyson insights team.



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