Dyson — Navigation Enhancements

The brief

The primary objective for this project was to improve the overall navigation ease of use therefore reducing drop-off rates and increasing revenue. During initial usability testing of concepts, participants described the navigation as easy to use (90%), straightforward (80%), time-saving (60%) and effortless (50%).

Post testing, I was tasked to upgrade the navigation UI and design for the following considerations and scenarios:

  • Featured technology is a new customised category, content in it could be defined by market merchandisers.
  • The system should be able to accommodate any new future categories (NPD).
  • Ensuring the current navigation structure was met for testing in different markets e.g., the inclusion of Connected Home.
  • Ensuring the layout works when there are more than 6 items per category.
  • Refining the ‘Shop all’ button (and align with UX team on the direction for where this should sit going forwards).

The solution

Hi-fidelity design

Fig 1.1 — desktop US navigation closed
Fig 1.2 — desktop US navigation shop (featured)
Fig 1.3 — desktop US navigation shop (lighting)
Fig 1.4 — desktop US navigation shop (Dyson technology for business)
Fig 2.1 — mobile US navigation tier 1 (primary navigation — hamburger menu open)
Fig 2.3 — mobile US navigation tier 2 (shop)
Fig 2.3 — mobile US navigation tier 3 (vacuum cleaners)

Post the completion and sign-off of the hi-fidelity designs, an asset pack was handed over to the Adobe Target testing team including:

  • InVision specs (all breakpoints).
  • Desktop and mobile Axure prototypes (demonstrating interactions upon click and hover states). Gestures were also demonstrated via the mobile prototype e.g. push screen left when navigating down a tier.
  • Imagery (rendered for web).
  • Copy matrix (including translations where required).

The result

AB Testing

Testing took place in January 2021 over 4 weeks in markets .com (USA) and .de (Germany):

  • +19% (+10k) shoppers visited featured technology pages
  • No significant increase in purchases of featured products
  • +40% desktop visits
  • +10% mobile visits

Next steps

Due to high performance results on desktop, the decision was made for the asset heavy UI to be re-tested on tablet and mobile viewports including:

  • Featured technology
  • Tier 3 navigation e.g., Vacuum cleaners (Fig 2.3)

The solution cont.

Hi-fidelity tier 3 design iteration (tablet + mobile)

Fig 3.1 — V2 tablet US navigation shop (featured)
Fig 3.2 — V2 tablet US navigation shop (hair care)
Fig 4.1 — V2 mobileUS navigation shop (featured)
Fig 4.2 — V2 mobile US navigation shop (hair care)

The result cont.

AB Testing

Awaiting results from Adobe Target Testing team.



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